Laura Iaru

Laura Iaru comes from Bucharest (Romania). She has been Dj-ing since 2009. Besides her Bucharest and the rest of Romania, Laura has been Dj-ing along the years in Italy, France, Turkey, Switzerland, Belgium, UK, Ukraine, Sweden, Moldova, Poland, Bulgaria, Germany, Qatar. 

Laura loves Djing mostly a Golden Age danceable piece. The highest satisfaction for her, while Djing is to see people happy dancing in the Ronda. Her visits to Buenos Aires between 2008 – 2015 let her spent time on milongas portenas and have plenty of chats about tango music with her maestros Javier Rodriguez & Andrea Misse, old milongueros portenos & Argentine Djs.

Photo by: Maria Drozd

Yuriy Cherenkov

I started DJing in 2011 not on my own will, but from the very first milonga I’ve fallen in love with the feeling of cooperation with dancers. While improving myself as a DJ I set my preferences on golden age tango. I try to play music of the best possible quality available, but together with that I find joy in a sound of vinyl noise. I do not save good music for a beautiful finishing accord – you will hear Calo, Troilo, D’Arienzo, Laurenz, etc. from the very beginning. I believe that well chosen cortinas play equally important role in DJing as a connection between tandas, I prefer jazz, blues and funk for them.

Photo by: Ievgeniia Vasylenko:

Asya Moiseeva

I started my experience in tango DJ-ing in 2014 in Saint-Petersburg. I am currently living in Paris, I travel a lot and put music on marathons and milongas all over Europe. I really love tango music of ''the golden age'' and a bit of ''guardia vieja '' and I prefer these styles for DJing and dancing, but also I sometimes put later compositions. It's important for me to create an atmosphere of happiness and a great wave of energy so that all the dancers could dance. My favorite orchestras D'Arienzo, Biagi, Troilo, Laurenz, Calo, Pugliese, Di Sarli, Canaro, Fresedo, Donato…and again D'Arienzo.

Photo by Photographer Sergey Silivonchik:

Jens Dörr

Jens Dörr is a traditional tango dj .He’s djing far more than a decade all over Europe at marathons, encuentros, festivals etc. In addition, he’s the co-founder of ‚tango8′ in Cologne where he is teaching tango and organizing a milonga twice a week. “My goal is to create a well danceable and varied mixture of music which inspires the dancers and put them on the dancefloor”.

Ralph Nasi

Turkish by birth, Argentinian at heart, Australian by the looks – what a combination!
The globe must seem really small for Ralph. He spent most of his life in Australia, often travels to Argentina and attends many events around the Globe. Currently living in Istanbul, he is popularising Tango Traditional in his native Turkey. A true Warrior of Codigos and Knight of Golden Age, Ralph knows how to create the perfect milonga.
The legendary Horacio Julián Prestamo writes about his music at Salon Canning,
“He was a blast! He did not let us sit down! If I did not dance all the time, it was simply because I was not in my best shape, not because I did not like it. Pure tango, milonga and waltz, perfect for a milonga! Music of orchestras that made the milongas of Buenos Aires great. Keep up the good work, Ralph Nasi. Way to go! Thanks for being my friend.”

Photo by Ti Tango –

Karolina Tkaczuk

I must confess I have always been a music and dance addict in various forms and shapes. One-day tango found me and I was lost forever.
First tango as a dance showed up in my life, than the curiosity and the passion for the music surfaced and stayed for good. I love watching people dance tango, creating together magic though only for 3 minutes.
As they say “tango es el viaje que dura sólo tres minutos” (tango is a trip that lasts only three minutes), with each and every tanda I want to send you for such a trip, the trip here, now with this tango piece and this partner. Enjoy!
The biggest reward for me as a DJ is to see happy, passionately immersed in music faces of the dancers I put the music for and their content looks at the end of the tanda and entire set.

Photo by Ti Tango –