starts on 14 February, 2020

Entre Amigos is a meeting of an exclusively invited friends be aware that due to space limitation we will not accept all applicants. 🙁 We will do our best to keep this event balanced when it comes to gender/role/country of origin. You can help us with that and register with members of Entre Amigos FB group :).

Because for all of us the very important part is the atmosphere and the dance quality at the event (especially cabeceo/ mirada and navigation skills), if your partner is not a member of our group it is very important to us to get to know your registration partner, please provide us with some additional information about your registration partner 🙂 in the “comments” section of the registration form. The participation in the event requires registration via the form below. Please fill for calmly and carefully because time of registration will not be a decisive. Your registration will be confirmed by us and we will provide you with additional information.

Registration fee 120 euro and includes:

• participation in the marathon;
• 3 x diners meat/vegetarian (Friday, Saturday, Sunday),
• 3 x warm meal served at night meat/vegetarian (Friday, Saturday, Sunday),
• 3 x light breakfast served “early morning” (Friday, Saturday, Sunday),
• 2 x brunch served in the afternoon meat/vegetarian (Friday, Saturday);
• veggies, fruits, sweets, water, coffee (coffeemaker available), tea (black, fruit, and green) during the entire marathon and night milongas, additionally we’ll serve cold snacks.

We would like to pay your attention to the fact that registration fee is non-refundable.